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My Philosophy of Education

May 28, 2015

As an educator I believe my soul purpose is to help my students succeed. One of the first steps to ensuring this is to provide and maintain a safe learning environment that promotes positive values, encourages learners to share, and never allows a learners ideas or participation be ridiculed. Another is equipping youth with the skills they need to be happy and self-sustaining members of society. My largest goal is help youth realize their self worth and potential. By doing so, I believe I can empower my students to achieve greatness, and ultimately be happy, healthy, and productive people.

To achieve these outcomes, the classroom must be a healthy and positive learning environment that promotes good behaviour. It should be a place where students feel welcome and free to learn and express themselves, without fear of being judged. I expect that everyone in my class act in a respectful, understanding, and polite manner. This could be achieved by modelling the behaviour I want the learners to learn, such as forgiving faults, complimenting and praising good works, and gently giving correction. There is no room for disrespectful,  rude, or unfair behaviour in the classroom. A classroom that welcomes everyone and encourages cooperation is the kind I strive to create and maintain. I believe providing a suitable learning environment, where my students can come and learn safely and healthily is essential for their success.

It is my responsibility to teach my students the skills they need to live and participate in life and society to the fullest of their potential. Those skills include communication, critical thinking, and problem solving; all of which can be learned through the arts. As an arts educator,  I will be teaching students the arts (visual arts, dance, music, theatre/drama, and literature). The skills I believe I am responsible to cultivate in my students are the ones that will allow them to communicate and express themselves and ideas, and appreciate others’ art. Helping my students learn these skills will ensure they are equipped to be lifelong learners that can  function efficiently, independently, and productively in society.

Motivating my students to have a desire to learn is the single hardest job for me as an educator. In the end, it is all on them; they have to make the decision to explore learning with me. What I can do though, is try to make it more appealing. One way this is done by having enthusiasm about what I am teaching. Because, if I am “jumping up and down” about the arts and the value to be able to express and communicate clearly, I believe my little learners won’t be able to do anything other than pay attention. When doing so I hope that they will see the value of the arts, which provide us with a valve -a flood gate- to communicate, share, express individuality and meaningful ideas, and achieve personal satisfaction and success.

I believe we all have boundless potential and can achieve anything we set our minds to. Unfortunately, many students don’t realize their potential and it is all too easy for them to underachieve and fall through the cracks. As an educator, it is my job to help my students realize their potential and pull it out of them. I believe setting high expectations for my students and communicating these expectations to them, is one way to do this. I believe when this is done, the students know I expect and am hoping for them to succeed, and in-turn they will be much more motivated to do so. I also believe it is important to give them the praise when they do succeed. Should they stumble, it is my job to help pick them back up and encourage them to keep striving for success. By helping my students realize their potential and help them set and accomplish goals, they will have everything they need to accomplish  greatness.

Education is not just providing students with a place to learn and skills to function in society. I believe my job as an educator is to help my students realize they are capable of, and to strive for greatness, and I believe doing so through the arts is the best way. We all have greatness inside of us, but it is through the arts: speech, writing, dancing, drawing, making music, and acting out stories through plays that we are able to let our greatness out and shine for all to see. By doing so they will grow to be independent, happy, and productive people; truly successful people. It is kind of a intimidating task but it is incredibly important and someone has to do it. I am excited to be becoming a teacher and look forward to learning and helping people learn and become the best they can be.